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Main services

If you are looking for a business partner in Europe or Africa, we help you find it. If you are looking to export or import from or to Europe or Africa, we help you find partners and products. Companies and professionals are in a position to do business with African companies, our team allows us to find the best partner for your projects. Or the best seller, or the best buyer, etc..

Marketing and market research without pompous names. We get the data, we mapped and analyzed.

Mapping and 3D virtual worlds are also part of our offer.

The best tourist campaigns do not have to be the most expensive. Talk to us and you will see how we can promote your destination in an affordable and novel way.

We develop books for foreigners learning Spanish. We organize courses and Spanish classes for foreigners
The best methods, the most qualified people.

We love Africa and we invite you to meet with Main Factory Africa Travels Africa, better prices and above all, what we want is for people to meet, to talk with them, visit their markets, and of course, also see wildlife, spectacular scenery , the famous African sky

Africa is for us a world of opportunity that goes beyond its landscapes and its wildlife.

Business opportunities for export import, sell stocks, electronics



Custom Content Management

Large team of collaborators throughout the country. We cover all the needs esprecto.

Our brands and websites

ProdAfrica (Pty)Ltd Consulting

ProdAfrica Business Directory. We connect Europe and Africa.

MFTravels Africa

Marketing Geogràfico

Smartfrica. From Africa

Polyhedric is a global idea. Why not make converge knowledge ?. We know tourism, geomarketing, culture, language teaching for foreigners, Africa.

Why choose us?

We could list a multitude of reasons for choosing us...

but we will not do.